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“Savor the taste of the worlds best coffee beans awfully roasted by our team passionately prepared by our master baristas”
Our team travels the world to meet directly the coffee growers in search of the finest green beans and outstanding flavors. This direct trade has resulted in long term, reciprocal and supportive relationships with farmers around the world, allowing us constant access to the premium quality green beans we need. We are involved in the entire process of selecting the coffee carefully looking into harvesting and processing, sorting, cleaning, drying, storing, which enables us to deliver consistently high quality products to our customers.
The company started operations in 2021 with a vast experience of coffee import and export, and roasting in the market of more than 10 years. We aim to integrate and share the knowledge of Specialty Coffee with the local market. We want to do fair trade and supply Specialty Coffee into the ever-growing market of specialties in the UAE and neighboring countries. Also to support the consumers with anything related to coffee, coffee machineries and tools and provide services to it.


In our HACCP certified Roastery we have 800 kg minimum of roasting capacity per day. Our roast master is an expert in creating special blends and will make you discover new aromas in your coffee like Cherries, Chocolate, Citrus, Vanilla, Honey, Jasmine, etc… We want you to enjoy something really exceptional, something that you have always crave to try.
We have a production capacity of more than 25 tones per month
and also a storage capacity of 76,0000 tones.

Why Choose Us ?

  •  HACCP certified.
  • Well-trained roasters and baristas and staffs.
  • Very helpful, welcoming and friendly environment for customer and learning.
  • Supporting small farmers by direct trade.
  • Focus on sustainable development.
  • A very easy and carefully planned process from receiving the order till the point of delivery.
  • We are open for exchangeable of ideas and knowledge.
  • We choose only best and high-quality coffee beans from Peru, Costa Rica, Ethiopia, Panama, Burundi, Tanzania etc..
  • One destination for all coffee and related products.
  • We focus not only on selling but build customer relationships together.
    We are flexible to customer needs, expectations and priority.

Our Services

  • Roasting We do green beans roasting according to the customer needs
  • Packaging We do packaging for beans and ground coffee in different pouch
    sizes (250g, 500g, 1kg)
  • Private Labelling We also do customized private labelling to support you in
    bringing your own brands to market.
  • Quality Checks Quality checks are carried out by our expert team member, to
    those customers whom we are supplying roasted coffees.


  • Barista Training Learn the highest standards for making espresso coffees, latte art
    etc. from our professional baristas.
  • Roaster Training The science of roasting phases, the chemistry and physics of
    bean during roasting, the use of software and roasting curves, the most suitable
    profile for specialties coffees (espresso & filter).
  • Skill Development Developing skills for customer service, coffee knowledge,
    attention to details, team work, multi tasking, etc.

Technical Services

  • In-house– We provide in-house assistance for all types of coffee machines, grinders etc. (La
    Marzocco, Dalla Corte, Simonelli etc.)
  • Out-call – We also provide out-call services upon the request of our valued customers.
  • Annual Maintenance Contract – We do offer AMC packages.
  • Consultancy services – We do advisory in setting up a café

Customer Reviews

Absolutely amazing spot . If you are done with usual big brands and want to try something authentic and real , this is the place to go . You can.

Devesh sharma

Really enjoyed the experience, they are not only serving coffee, they serve knowledge and information about coffee and brewing methods..

Bara’a Zarzour

Their coffee is on a different level nice atmosphere and comfortable seating area..

Ali Al Kazim

Lovely roastery in qn unexpected location. Coterra is a hidden gem. Lovely staff that make you feel like you are home. A wide range of speciality coffees, presented beautifully. A.

Emma Costello
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