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Farm: Laerce Faleiros
Varietal: Yellow Catuai
Processing: Natural
Altitude: 1080 – 1270 meters above sea level
Region: Alta Mogiana

Sensory: Rich Chocolate, Nutella, Almond & Coca
Cupping Score: 85.75


The region is in the southeast of Minas Gerais, more recently known as Alta Mogiana Mineira, one of the traditional regions that produce the best coffees in Brazil. This region stands out by the combination of altitude and average temperature during the year, thus presenting high content of natural sweetness. The altitude in this region ranges from 1080 to 1270 meters above sea level.
This farm belongs to Laerceā€™s sons, Jean Vilhena Faleiros and Elvis Vilhena Faleiros. He also introduced innovative techniques for flavor development at the coffee cleaning and drying stages (pulp natural and raised beds) and organic fertilizing techniques that are built on the farm.


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