Ethiopia Beloya (Anaerobic)

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Farm: Biloya Washing Station
Varietal: JARC varieties, Local Landraces
Processing: Anaerobic Natural
Altitude: 1,720 meters above sea level
Region: Yirgacheffe

Sensory: Blueberry, Milk Chocolate, Dry Raspberry, Lavender
Cupping Score: 88



Farmers in Yirgacheffe typically use very few-if any-fertilizers or pesticides. Most farm work is done manually by the immediate family. Farmers selectively handpick ripe cherry and deliver it to Biloya. At intake, employees visually inspect cherry and accept only fully ripe cherry for anaerobic fermentation. Selected cherry is tightly packed in GrainPro bags and sealed shut. Cherry ferments anaerobically (without oxygen) for 18 to 24 hours.
After fermentation, cherry is carefully removed from bags and laid to dry in direct sunlight on raised beds. Workers turn cherry frequently to promote even drying. It takes approximately 2 to 3 weeks for cherry to dry.

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