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Worldwide shipping available - Free shipping Orders of Dubai over 150 AED other emirates over 250 AED


Q: What is your delivery options??

A: We deliver to all emirates. (Free shipping orders of Dubai over 150 AED other emirates over 250 AED), Delivery charges AED 17.00 for within Dubai and AED. 25 for Other Emirates.

Q:Do you have international delivery?

A: Yes, we offer international delivery for our coffee products. Enjoy our premium blends anywhere in the world!

Q: There’s any minimum order for coffee supply?

A: No, there is no minimum order for coffee supply. We offer a flexible engagement approach to meet your needs..

Q: Do you offer a coffee storage service?

A: Certainly! We provide convenient coffee storage solutions through our internal storage service. For more details, please get in touch with our roastery.

Q: Do you offer a roasting service?

A: Absolutely! At Coterra Coffee Roasters Company, we offer top-notch roasting services, along with professional packaging options. For more information about our roasting and packaging services.

Q: Do you offer a private label packaging?

A: Yes, we do, please contact Coterra Coffee Raosters office for more details.

Q: Do you provide business consultation and equipment sizing?

A: Absolutely! At Coffee Roasters Company, we understand the importance of business consultation and equipment sizing in the coffee industry. Our expert team provides comprehensive guidance to ensure a proper Return on Investment (ROI) and streamline business operations. Achieve success with our tailored solutions for your coffee venture. Contact us today to discuss your business needs and discover how we can help you thrive in the coffee market.

Q: Do you supply coffee machines and coffee equipment?

A: Yes, we supply coffee machines and equipment tailored to your budget, preferences, and business needs. Elevate your coffee brewing experience with our premium selection.

Q: Do you offer any specific training for your customers?

A: Yes, we offer specialized training for coffee familiarization and awareness as part of our paid services. Enhance your coffee knowledge with our expert guidance. Contact us to learn more about our training programs.

Q: What coffee types are you offering?

A: At Coterra Coffee Roasters Company, we specialize in supplying high-quality Arabica Specialty coffee. Additionally, we take pride in providing premium coffee options for Arabic and Turkish coffee enthusiasts.

Q: What coffee verities you are offering?

A: At Coterra Coffee Roasters Company, we offer a wide range of coffee varieties, including Bourbon, Catuai, Caturra, Orange, Yellow Bourbon, Pacamara, Typica, Geisha, SL28, SL34, and more.

Q: What coffee processing types do you have?

A: At Coterra Coffee Roasters Company, we provide a variety of coffee processing options, including natural processed coffee, washed coffee, honey process, fermentation coffee, and more.

Q: Can I request a sample of your coffee before making a purchase?

A: Certainly! At Coffee Roasters Company, we value your coffee experience. While we prefer to offer a cupping session for better evaluation and testing, we do provide samples upon request. For more details on obtaining a coffee sample, please contact our production team at Coterra Coffee Roasters.

Q: Where do you source your coffee beans from?

A: At Coffee Roasters Company, we maintain our commitment to delivering high-quality coffee to our customers by sourcing our beans from global coffee suppliers. Through careful selection and partnerships, we ensure that our coffee beans are of the finest quality.

Q: How fresh are your coffee beans?

A: Our coffee beans are always fresh, sourced during the harvest season, and stored according to high international standards. Our production and storage services are HACCP certified, ensuring exceptional freshness in every cup.

Q:  Do you offer wholesale options for businesses?

A: Yes, we offer ideal wholesale options for businesses. Contact us to discuss how our premium coffee products can elevate your business.

Q: Do you offer subscriptions or recurring orders?

A: Yes, we offer subscriptions and recurring orders for your convenience. Never run out of premium coffee again with our hassle-free delivery service. Subscribe today and enjoy a consistent supply of your favorite blends.

Q: Are you HACCP certified?

A: Yes, at Coterra Coffee Roasters Company, we hold the prestigious HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point) certification. This certification ensures that our coffee production and storage processes adhere to the highest standards of food safety and quality.

Q: What other key business offerings do you provide?

A: Apart from our premium coffee products, we provide wholesale options, private label packaging, business consultation, and equipment sizing services. Elevate your coffee business with our comprehensive offerings. Contact us to learn more.